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Digital Transformation of Edge Operations

Streamlining Performance  |  Driving Operational Capacity

Beacon is expanding into unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) sustainment

Innovation Thrives Here

Beacon's warrior-centered digital products empower front-line workers and improve readiness.


Our diverse team blends real-world business needs with cutting-edge technology to develop sustainable solutions for even the most challenging environments.

Navy ships active fleet deployment

Active Fleet Deployment
Across USN ships, submarines & carriers

Airforce flightline maintenance grounded plane

Digitizing the Flight Line

Implementing user-driven innovation

US Army digitizing operations at the edge

Digitizing Operations at the Edge
Driving combat vehicle preparedness

Our Clients & Partners

Some of the Digital Warriors with whom we proudly engage

edge workers doing maintenance on navy ship

Maintenance Operations

Digitizing maintenance processes; merging people and data to enable data-driven, informed, streamlined performance of maintenance. 

navy ship crossing ocean

Energy Management

Providing a comprehensive energy picture in near real-time to inform both current and projected mission-critical energy need and availability.

watchstander operational logging on navy ship

Operational Logging

Turning the silent data of paper logs into actionable information to inform operations across the enterprise.

innovation management, success

Innovation Management

Linking user needs and ideas to investment decisions, activities and outcomes in one intuitive platform.

Innovation Areas

Become part of the solution.


Discover how by digitizing your operations you can maintain direct visibility, insight and control over climate-related risks to the resiliency of your physical infrastructure.


Take part in creating a more sustainable, digital future.


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