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About Beacon's digital platform

The Beacon Platform is a plug-n-play digital platform for edge operations. Without ripping and replacing any existing legacy systems, it transforms how organizations operate, maintain, and sustain their infrastructure.

2023 Beacon video

It’s hard to find a program that actually works… that fits the Navy needs. This one hits those wickets. It fits the new generation of sailors.

- Engineering Training Team Member, Gas Turbine Systems, AFLOAT TRAINING GROUP ATLANTIC on eLogBook

Introduction to Beacon

Focused on the transformative effects of digitizing edge operations, Beacon’s award-winning technology streamlines performance and provides strategic insight into operational capacity and readiness.

The Beacon platform from the ground up was built to be for the end user, and the way we did that is that we kind of embed ourselves with the people that we're doing this for.

Mike MacEwen

President, Beacon Interactive Systems

About Beacon's GENISYS collaboration

The GENISYS family of systems collects, consolidates, processes and presents energy information that when combined with environmental and mission data provides the necessary data for stakeholders to make informed decisions on energy security usage availability and efficiency.


GENISYS contributes to the 2020 vision of how we operate, maintain and measure the performance of our ships.

Fleet Maintenance Functional Manager


Boston, MA

Beacon Interactive Systems

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Norfolk, VA

Beacon Interactive Systems - Norfolk Office
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Norfolk, VA 23501

Washington, DC

Beacon Interactive Systems - Washington Office

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Washington, DC 20226

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