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Federal Contract Vehicles


  • Contract Number: N00178-19-D-7236

  • Contract Period of Performance: 2 January 2019 - 1 January 2029 (including award term options)

  • Program Ceiling: $10 Billion (including award term options)

Research and Development Support
The philosophy of Beacon Interactive Systems is that, at the juncture of multiple disciplines, lies the innovation and advances key to successful research and development efforts. Over the past ten years, our focus has been on people and their interaction and use of technology as a means for efficiency, communication, knowledge capture and reuse, human system integration and operational process improvement. Our goal is to understand complex interpersonal relationships and to use this understanding to predict system and human behavior, model this behavior and then create solutions to improve performance. We typically engage in two types of exploration: Field-based and software-based.

Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
Beacon brings significant expertise and innovation to the task of engineering new or replacement systems. As a technology company, we excel at efforts where we can apply systems and process engineering to a problem or challenge in order to deliver an innovative outcome. Our expertise is in designing and building solutions that combine disparate sources of data with the actions of people in order to improve the processes and decision-making capabilities. In addressing the needs of our clients, we apply many of the same disciplines found in our R&D work. However, the goal in this Functional Area is not to discover but to take those discoveries and create solutions. While we often manage our processes internally, Beacon has also participated on Engineering teams, at times managing and coordinating the effort across different companies.

Software Engineering, Development, Programming and Network Support
Beacon has been designing and building software technology for over 25 years. Our experience includes a broad array of clients and requirements. We have worked with many of the major development languages and frameworks and have evolved a powerful development and engineering methodology based upon industry-accepted practices.

Quality Assurance
Beacon's goal is to ensure that the products and services provided to our clients are based upon a clear understanding of what is expected and required. Program managers use the details of a Task to measure all aspects of delivery. Depending upon the team member, we also monitor and manage quality by providing mentoring and peer review.

In order to ensure satisfaction, Beacon employs a layered approach to quality assurance. During the design and build of systems, we track all issues through electronic management systems. For software development, we practice continuous integration. If issues are found, they must be resolved before the work is considered complete. Upon reaching a development milestone all work is tested by a Quality Assurance manager. This involves automated and hands-on manual testing. Every aspect of a system is tested in this manner and results recorded for everyone to see. In the end, the measure of our quality is the satisfaction of our Clients.

Task Orders

There are currently no Task Orders.


Paul Maloney: Program Manager

Cell: (617) 899-7076

Main: (617) 441-9229

Direct: (617) 453-5504

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