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streamlining S&T Portfolio management for OUSD(R&E) ManTech

Streamlining S&T Portfolio Management for OUSD(R&E) ManTech

Operationally informed AI-driven investment decisions

Focused on collaborative, data-driven investment decision-making, our S&T Portfolio Management Platform actively supports the OUSD (R&E) Manufacturing Technology Program.


Utilizing AI/ML powered data analytics and advanced visualizations, the platform fuels the active management of investment decisions to outcomes.

enhancing shipboard situational awareness for the US Navy

Enhancing Shipboard Situational Awareness for the US Navy

Increasing sailor safety, streamlining maintenance

Sailors work in operationally demanding and at times dangerous maritime environments.

As part of the Navy's Integrated Maintenance & Logistics Family of Systems, our award-winning products are deployed and actively in use driving safety processes and streamlining the performance of maintenance onboard USN platforms.


Providing Shipboard Operational Energy and Readiness Technologies for the US Navy

Improving shipboard decision-making with Energy C2

The ability of our warfighters to efficiently and successfully accomplish their mission drives the need for tools that address energy availability.


Our USN Fleet-fielded energy products increase operational flexibility and readiness and match energy need with availability in order to increase mission performance.


Supporting Mission Critical Maintenance
Operations at the 58th Kirtland Air Force Base

Built by maintainers for maintainers

In high-intensity environments such as the USAF, aircraft availability can be the difference between success and failure. Beacon works alongside Air Force maintainers to deliver AIRS, the Aircraft Infrastructure Readiness System.


By digitizing the flight line, AIRS increases aircraft availability and provides real-time visibility into aircraft readiness.


Digitizing Land Based Test & Evaluation Activities for NAVSEA

Digital transformation of shore-based operations

The Navy needs to constantly modernize its fleets with the ability to test and field its evolving capabilities.

Delivering an integrated platform to manage multiple configurations of high-value assets and testing cycles, Beacon enables the customer to better schedule and deliver the test, evaluation, and training events necessary to support the growing Fleet.

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